Couple behind Boston Irish Tourism Association promote ‘contemporary Ireland’ in the US | Featured in the Irish Star

March 4, 2024

Michael and Colette Quinlin founded BITA to market the city’s vibrant Irish-American community

By: Alana Loftus – Boston reporter

The Boston Irish Tourism Association has been serving the community as a hub for Irish American culture and events for 25 years.

Husband and wife Michael and Colette Quinlin are committed to fostering a connection between their home nations and highlighting the best of both. Michael grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His mother emigrated from Co Armagh in the 1950s, married his father and raised six children.

Michael told “Myself and my five sisters had day-to-day awareness and appreciation for Irish culture.”

Colette hails from Co Tipperary. She lived in Sydney, Australia before relocating to Boston where she met Michael.

She said: “We like to think that the combination of having an Irish perspective and American perspective is perfect for what we do.”

The couple founded the Boston Irish Tourism Association in 2000 following the birth of their son. They dedicate their time and tourism expertise to promote Irish American activity in the New England states.

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