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Perhaps the most well known Marshfield resident, Daniel Webster, collaborated with others to relieve the suffering of Irish famine victims. One wonders if any of those rescued were among the Irish immigrants who settled there in Fieldston, Brant Rock and other Marshfield areas. The Irish settled, built their homes and livelihood. Busy as food suppliers, butchers, and laborers, their descendants make up the largest ethnic group in present-day Marshfield.

Green Harbor General Store

Green Harbor General Store, Marshfield, MA

Webster’s Homesite

Webster's Home Site, Marshfield, MA

Winslow Cemetery

Winslow Cemetery, Marshfield, MA

About Marshfield

Marshfield is located halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. Its ties to Ireland run deep dating back to the actions of the town’s leading citizen, U.S. Senator Daniel Webster who led a campaign to provide food aid to Ireland during the disastrous potato famine in the mid 19th century.

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