Green Harbor General Store

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Charles W. McLauthlin, opened the Green Harbor store about 1901. He had married, in 1900, Lydia Curtis Peterson, daughter of Seth Peterson, boatman and sporting companion of Daniel Webster.

The Green Harbor store has since belonged to Varnum E. Gratto, Dan Michellini, Michael Moss, Harry and Virginia Bruckner and Joe and Jodi McDonough. The current owners are Bob and Deborah Habel. The Habels purchased and renovated the store in 1995.

Many of the historical features of the building remain in place today such as the original hardwood floors adding to the charm of the store. The “Genny”, as it is lovingly called, is the heartbeat of Green Harbor village. It is open 364 days a year. Not only does it provide convenient services to its local residents, it’s a “friendly harbor” for it’s many seasonal visitors.


Green Harbor General Store signage