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Coast Guard Art Exhibit

Hull Lifesaving Museum 1117 Nantasket Avenue, Hill, MA

Twenty-eight works created by 23 artists of the U.S. Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) will be on view at the Hull Lifesaving Museum from April 1 through June 30, 2024. Among missions captured in these works are training exercises that help the Coast Guard be Semper Paratus, work on aids to navigation, canines in service to the Coast Guard, interdiction operations, protection of the marine environment and living marine resources, as well as daring search and rescue missions including the Service’s response to the devastation wrought by hurricanes.

COGAP members, most of whom are professional artists, donate their works of art to the program. Today the collection contains over 2,000 pieces celebrating the work of the Coast Guard’s approximately 42,000 active duty members.

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