Stops in Weymouth

“Weymouth” was not only a town’s name. It was the title given to the best shoes manufactured in the United States. In the prime of our country’s shoe industry days, a “Weymouth Shoe” was synonymous with quality – much like Gucci is today. Stetson was the premier shoemaking company in Weymouth. The huge building – still standing and in use as the Stetson Building housing medical offices – is on Rte. 18 not far from Rte. 3. It was here that Jeremiah Quinn and many other Weymouth Irish worked as a bootmaker.

Fairmount Cemetery

168 Cedar Street, East Weymouth, MA 02189

Stetson Building

541 Main Street, Weymouth, MA 02190

About Weymouth

Weymouth lured Irish and Irish Americans because jobs were plentiful. Shoemaking was an important industry offering decent paying jobs and job security enabling Irish immigrants and their offspring the ability to save money to buy homes and raise families. Many Irish neighborhoods were established by these skilled laborers. Their descendants celebrate their “Irishness” to the present time with Weymouth’s Annual Irish Heritage Days.

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