Stops in Scituate

“Scituate is the most Irish town in America” is an often heard phrase around town. That is true according to the 2010 United States Census. Whether it maintains that status in future reporting doesn’t really matter. The character of the town will remain forever Irish.

With the founding of the South Shore Irish Heritage Trail, Scituate joins with eight other South Shore towns in celebrating the contributions those of Irish birth and Irish heritage have brought to the area just south of Boston. Ours is a proud history of challenges overcome, and, in many ways, our achievements are a roadmap for immigrant groups that followed.

Easter Rising Monument

Easter Rising Monument, 1 Cole Parkway, Scituate, MA

Lawson Tower

330 First Parish Road, Scituate, MA

The Maritime & Irish Mossing Museum

301 Driftway, Scituate, MA 02066

About Scituate

Roughly halfway along the Trail is the town of Scituate, said to be the most Irish community in the entire United States. When the first immigrants arrived here in the mid 1800s, they noticed a familiar seaweed growing on the rocks along the coast. In Ireland they called it carrageen; we call it Irish moss. Generations of Scituate men (and a few women) helped feed their families with income from the sale of Irish moss, long a staple in foodstuffs, medicine and cosmetics.

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